Our principles

Our work is based on the following principles to which all of us feel personally committed.



100% of your donation will directly reach those in need. No part of it will be used to finance administrative costs or advertisement activities. In Nepal, 25 cents suffice to provide a full meal; in Europe this would not even buy us a colour copy. Therefore, we put first things first. We finance unavoidable administrative costs through our membership fees and sponsors.



We see things as inter-related and want holistic change. We believe that we can only make a lasting difference when we consider everything in its context. For example: If we start building a school but overlook that children will be unable to attend because they have to earn a living for their families, we have only seen part of the whole problem. The consequence: Our support will not have a positive effect – and the school will be empty. Nepalese people know their country and their problems better than we do. That is why we work together with them to ensure that we consider the triggers, circumstances, and effects of each attempt to deliver aid.



We are present on the ground to listen and see with our own eyes what happens with the donations and where support is most necessary. Because we are a small organisation, we can carefully select, plan, and follow-up on our projects. We are in close contact with our partners in Nepal and visit our projects at least once a year.



We aim to effect enduring change. We free children from human traffickers. We give rice to poor children. But what is even more important to us: We stay with them until they have again found a place in their social environment, that is, until their education and inner strength is sufficient for them to strike a new path.