Donating Stuff

Donating Stuff

You can also support Hatemalo by donating objects (rather than money). DVDs, houseware, toys, deco objects, clothing, or any other items: The charitable and state-supported organisation SocialBay will sell your objects on eBay and transfer the full amount paid for the item(s) to Hatemalo. If required, you will receive proof of your donation for German tax purposes. Sending your items to SocialBay is free from within Germany. If you would like to give old things a new purpose and want to support us by donating objects, please follow these steps:

1) If you live within Germany, you may request one or more prepaid stamps for sending your items from Socialbay (in German only)

2) Safely wrap your items in one or more parcels. It should be a „true“ donation: This means that each item should be worth at least €5.

3) Make sure to complete the form on the second page of this flyer and place it inside the parcel. – This is the only way to ensure that your donation will reach Hatemalo!

4) Post your parcel (in Germany with the prepaid stamp) from the post office nearest to you.

Please note: Due to the high number of items processed by SocialBay, it may take 4 to 5 months for your donation to be processed. The tax-relevant proof of donation is sent out every three months. Hatemalo will not know who donated the objects – therefore many thanks now already!