Enterprises (CSR)

Enterprises: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Taking on social responsibility is increasingly recognised as one foundation of sustainable corporate management. Enterprises contributing to a strong, solidary, and vital society also create an environment facilitating their successful economic activities. CSR therefore strengthens the competitiveness of commerical enterprises.

As a small charity we are able to provide direct and personal relationships. Your money is not just part of an anonymous account as may be the case in larger and more well-known organisations. Instead we report back to you exactly what we have achieved with your money on the ground. We further offer the opportunity to you to send your employees and executives to visit our projects in Nepal. That way individual members of your enterprise will learn first-hand about what has been achieved with your support. We believe that this will be a positively unforgettable experience for those visiting and for those employees who learn about these travels after their return.


The German Federal Government supports corporations that take on social responsibility. A new website informs about the basis of CSR, international principles and instruments as well as fields of action and services of the German Federal Government in this context.